June 6, 2012

A Slo Groove For Humpday

I very rarely go into the studio with any concrete ideas about what I want to do (and when I do, they tend to be things that popped into my head during CLE sessions – go figure). I usually just sit down, start plonking about, and see what comes out.

That’s what happened with this track. It springs from a simple two-note riff (if you can call it that) I settled into after twiddling the knobs on the Minitaur. From there I built some chords, some rhythm, and some things to dance on top. A laid back, easy going thing, perfect for the middle of the week. Enjoy!

For the gear heads, this is all Minitaur (basses, obviously) and M50 (pads, arpeggio, and electric piano). Plus the drum machine, of course.

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