May 7, 2014

Returning Like May Flowers

How's that for a metaphor, eh?

Hey, everybody - did ya' miss me?  It's been one of those months where I ran out of worthwhile things to say (it happens), found other things to do with my time, and slowly spiraled into not blogging for a month.  Silly me - I'll try to do better next time.

I have not been idle, lest the quiet blog suggest otherwise.  I finished the first draft of The Endless Hills, which is the sequel to The Water Road (the second book in a planned trilogy, of course).  That one has been put aside for now, to molder a little bit until I can come back with fresh eyes and tear it apart.

As for The Water Road itself, it's ready to be loosed upon the world.  Sort of.  I've done all I can do with it and am now polishing a query letter (email, actually) to send to literary agents in hopes of finding someone to represent it and me.  It's a frustrating process, but one that, I hope, will have a happy ending.

Another of my NaNoWriMo projects, Moore Hollow (which involves zombies, politics, and family strife), is at the same point in the process.  That is, I've just about done all I can do with it, save for one final round of critiquing.  Once that's over, I plan to shop it directly to some smaller (probably regional) publishers.  With any luck, it will find a home sometime soon.

But, anyway, that was then, this is now.  On to new things!

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