December 1, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wait, what?  Where the hell did the last month go?

Oh, right, National Novel Writing Month.  Well, hey, guess what . . .

Yes, I managed to hit the 50k mark in thirty days.  Slow and steady, too.  My daily output only dropped below 1400 twice and never topped 2000.  I was right in the 1600-1800 per day sweet spot.  I really does add up after a while.  Final total was 50,278 words for the month.  So, hooray for me!

Alas, the damn thing's not done, yet!  Probably another 15-20k in the works, which I'll have to pound out in December.  Then put it away and return to an older project for a rewrite.  Hey, at least I've got plans.

As for blogging, regular service resumes on Monday.  See you then!

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