September 20, 2012

Messin' With Fundies

I’ll admit, I was never as into dinosaurs as lots of little kids are, but I thought I was fairly up to date on them. I mean, I knew they were deeply related to modern birds. Who knew they’d gone and sprouted feathers? They’re still pretty cool, though:

And it’s honkin’ off the creationists, which is never a bad thing:
Creationists are on a campaign to ‘take dinosaurs back.’ Earlier this year, the creationist crackpot Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis - the organization that established the fundamentalist funhouse called the Creation Museum - said, ‘Dinosaurs have been held hostage for decades’ by his mortal enemy, the nefarious ‘secular humanists.’ Ham is determined to appropriate dinosaurs for biblical literalists. (The organization’s website even sells a ‘We’re taking dinosaurs back!’ bumper sticker.)
Regardless, I can think of one kick ass example of the species that, at least for now, has yet to sprout feathers. And I’m fairly certain isn’t in league with creationists:

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