September 18, 2012

Musical Shuffling

Eagle eyes will note that the “Me @ ACIDPlanet” link has disappeared over there to your right. ACIDPlanet, which is tied to the Sony software formerly known as ACID Music Studio (I think it’s been renamed since I got it), was where I first started putting up music I was making. It made sense – it was free, I was using ACID, and using it for its main feature, which is fiddling with prerecorded loops.

However, I hadn’t added anything to my ACIDPlanet tracks since 2010. That’s both because I’ve slowly moved away from using prerecorded loops (I make my own now) and because I wanted something that would work better with the blog in terms of sharing my music. So I moved over to Soundcloud. I’ve meant to delete the ACIDPlanet profile for a while now, but only just got around to it. As a result, all those tracks I had over there have disappeared into the Internet either.

Fear not. I’ve taken the cream of that crop and moved it to Soundcloud, organized in two “sets.” Think of them as disc one and disc two of a “greatest hits” album chronicling their early days. Nothing new here, but the access is easier:

For now I’ve removed all my other tracks from Soundcloud. I’m finishing up two tracks now that, when they are finished, will complete another “set” (or “album,” if you let me be pretentious). When I get them done, I’ll put up the whole set in its proper sequence.

Until then, enjoy some nostalgia!

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