May 26, 2011

The Great Directionator

I spent last weekend in Gettysburg, PA, attending ROSFest (full write up forthcoming).  The venue for the fest is just off the main hub of town, Lincoln "Square."  I'm sorry, but when there's a traffic circle (or, for proggy purposes, a roundabout) involved, "square" doesn't really fit.

At any rate, tucked away in one corner of the square is what I can only figure out is a statue of Abraham Lincoln . . . giving a modern tourist directions:

I can't remember exactly what he's pointing towards, although it might have been the parking building.  It is tucked away in an alley, after all.  I realize that the town basically exists as a tourist destination, but that statue still gave me the creeps.

On the other hand, this sign, on the side of a building across the street from the venue, is just plain weird:

The dangers of living in a historical town.

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