August 1, 2011

Know Your Regionalisms

Over the weekend, Britain's The Telegraph newspaper had an article about the strange case of DB Cooper, who disappeared after he jumped from a plane he hijacked in 1971.  Along with $200,000.  It's still and open case and, according to the article, the FBI is even tracking down a potential new lead.

That's fine and all, but one line in the article made me nearly laugh Diet Coke out through my nose.  Writer Alex Hannaford is trying to establish just how fascinated some folks are with the case, even all these decades later, when he writes:
As one person told me, Cooper is the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. He is an enigma and a huge subculture has sprung up devoted to sleuthing his story.
Ahem.  Actually, to be completely accurate, you know what the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest is?  Bigfoot!  The legend dates back to Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, although there have been sightings in other areas.  And, of course, Bigfoot has an Asian cousin, the Yeti.  He does get around.

I wonder who the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland is?

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